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NoPlumbingCalloutsYou can rely on the expert services of our plumbers and heating professionals wherever you are in Birmingham. From providing prompt resolution for gas boiler breakdowns, to new boiler installations and repairs, and boiler maintenance services, our plumbers deliver homes and offices across Birmingham with quick and efficient heating, cooking gas supply and hot water.

We offer a cost-effective boiler maintenance service that is aimed at extending the longevity of your boiler and enable it to function effectively, especially during winter months. Our boiler installations and repairs save you money on exorbitant energy bills in the long run, and include:

  • Examining and testing your boiler’s components and external controls
  • Inspection and removal of scale damage from the boiler system
  • Cleaning key components of the boiler to improve overall efficiency
  • Checking radiators, valves and pipes for corrosion and leaks

Extensive boiler installations and repairs guarantees across Birmingham

You enjoy good value for money on our boiler installations and repairs, as we provide in-depth service guarantees, which assures you of a top quality heating service. Small wonder, that the several repeat customers that we get in Birmingham is proof of our superior plumbing service. 

We do not charge for call outs or for estimates; you can confidently get in touch with our plumbers and heating professionals for a free boiler installations, repairs and maintenance estimate. Call our helpful plumbers wherever you are in Birmingham today, on 0121 737 2235.

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